How The First Order Offer Works (Terms & Conditions)

Terms & Conditions

This is how this amazing Special Offer works for you.

  • Select your chosen High Quality Premium Dog Food. You will not regret it.
  • Select the FREE Membership gifts you would prefer from all the drop-down boxes. Enjoy.
  • Once the Dog Food is added to your Bag/Basket, you are now a member and the entire website and all the colossal discounts are available to you. Remember, this is a membership website.
  • Once you have added all the items you want to your Bag/Basket, go to Checkout and pay for your items.
  • If you have a safe place for delivery then please let us know. This helps the delivery process no end. It makes it very efficient.
  • You will receive an Order Confirmation Email.
  • We will confirm by Email when your items will be delivered. Delivery is within 2-6 working days of your order. (Not including weekends or public holidays).
  • We offer two delivery attempts for free. We will inform you of the first failed delivery and when the second will be attempted. It happens. We have no derogatory opinion what so ever when this happens. It happens 😊
  • After two unsuccessful delivery attempts, we will process a refund minus “TWO” failed deliveries charged at £4.99 per delivery. So, your refund will be the original amount paid minus £9.98. This is because at this point, we are out of pocket.
  • Please note, once a delivery is completed to you or your safe place instructions, all responsibility is yours and The Delicious Dog Food Company relinquish all responsibility for your items. This is no different to most other delivery companies.
  • Once your items are delivered, you will receive an Email confirmation.
  • When feeding your Dog, use the small (2 or 2.5kg) bag first. This bag is FREE and yours no matter what. This is the FREE bag. Also, if required, click here regarding advice on how to change your Dog Food. 
  • Once your Dog loves the food and you use/open the large bag, the FREE Gifts are yours to keep and we look forward to seeing you again. Welcome to the Healthiest and the most cost saving Dog Membership in the UK. 
  • Your next and all other High Quality Premium Dog Food purchases simply go through the section marked Dog Food and NOT the first order page. However, there will be a message to remind you of this if you forget 😊
Please Note: Members no longer need to understand or read anything below. For members you now have High Quality Premium Dog Food for your Furry Friend and industry, mouth watering discounts at your command. Everything below is 100% instruction of the process should you not wish to be a member and want to return the 12kg bag of Dog Food and the Free Gifts.
  • Returns are accepted within 14 days of delivery only. See our returns policy.
  • On the rare occasion your Dog doesn’t like the food (Currently at 1 in every 750) contact us to arrange a collection. Do this via the “Contact Us” page on the website. No need for a long message, just explain you need to arrange a “First Order Dog Food” collection. We will start the ball rolling.
  • You will receive an Email with a collection date within the next few days.
  • The collection for a “First Order Dog Food” return is Free.
  • We will collect the “Un-Opened” large (10 or 12kg) bag. Any bag that is damaged or opened will NOT be collected. This is because it is not re-sellable once opened or damaged and let’s be honest. You wouldn’t accept it if we had delivered it to you like this in the first place and we wouldn’t expect you to. Please understand we look for sellotape, glue or any sign the bag has been opened.
  • We will also collect the FREE gifts which were only supplied to you as a welcome for purchasing a large (10 or 12kg) bag and being a member. Returning the large (10 or 12kg) bag is confirmation you are unable to become a member. You will not be a member.
  • ALL items MUST be in a state that they were received in and in a condition which allows us to re-sell the items. See our returns policy.
  • We will inspect the items as best we can on collection and will take photographs every time without exception. Please allow time for us to photograph the items and inspect them. The photographs at your property are for honesty, clarity and your protection.
  • If they are to be left in a safe place, please let us know where they will be.
  • Collection must be at the same address as the delivery.
  • We will do a more detailed examination once back at our storage facility. ALL items simply have to be in a re-sellable state, as per our returns policy.
  • Our returns policy is very strict. All items have to be in the original unopened packaging. Free from damage, marks or anything that may make the item look second hand. Please note, when any supplier supplies anything other than perfect packaged products, we send them back.
  • Please note, all items being sent out and returned are inspected by the owners to the exact standard. The owners inspect items going out. The owners inspect items coming back from the exact same standard.
  • Any item which does not qualify for a return will be informed to you by Email and returned on our next van run in your area. This will be free and photographs will be taken to provide delivery evidence. Should this return attempt fail due to no safe place or nobody being in, there will be a second attempt. However, there will be a delivery charge of £4.99. We will provide you with a payment link via Email. Nothing will be delivered until this second attempt has been paid and is 100% non-negotiable.
  • ANY item that is or has been opened, used, damaged or simply not in the condition expected will not be returned if its noticeable at collection point. These none resellable items will be photographed and left with you.
  • Please note ALL items will have been photographed when delivered. We will cross reference this when inspecting at our storage facility.
  • If everything returned is in exactly the same state that they were delivered in, you will receive your refund via your original payment method.
  • Do not worry about any item (The FREE Gifts or any other Members Prices items) that cannot be returned with the dog food through use, loss or damage etc... These items will simply be deducted from your refund. All items will be deducted using the retail price, which is the price on this website and in your Order Confirmation Email with the horizontal line through it. They are non member prices. They are your prices as a non member. For example, should your Dog Food refund be £65 and you have purchased a treat or accessory that is for sale to members at £5.50 but the retail price (with a line through it on the product) is at £8.50. Leaving a non membership price difference of £3 which is now chargeable. We will deduct this £3 from the refund of £65. We will refund to your original payment method a total of £62. This will be in accordance with our non membership prices.
  • If the large (10 or 12kg) bag of Dog Food and all the Free Gifts and any other Treats & Accessories purchased with the order are returned in the conditions required by our Returns Policy, you will get a 100% No Quibble Refund.
  • Once again, please understand this is extremely rare and currently we are running at 1 refund request out of every 750 clients/members.
  • You will receive an Email once your refund has been processed. Please allow time for the money to be returned and understand, once we press the button “Refund” at our end all we can do is inform you. We have no control how quick or efficiently our respective banks interact with each other.
  • Once we have pressed “Refund” the matter/experience is closed and we wish you and your best friend all the best in everything you do. Thank you for trying our offer and what a shame it just didn’t work out for whatever reason. Take care.