About Us

Hello. My name is Richard and together with my wife Emma, we have started the best and most High Quality Premium Dog Food, Treats and Accessories supplier Business you will ever use. With discounts, nobody can compete with. Designed to give YOU the best and the most affordable experience you will ever have.

(Don’t take our word for it though. Just select several items and compare with your current supplier and online while bearing in mind, we don’t have a delivery charge. What you see, is what you pay)

As a family, we are just like you and our army of lovely members. We are Dog Lovers. Just caring Dog Lovers. Here is a picture of our family.

From left to right. Lucy, Emma, Richard and Deano. 

In 2003 I had an idea. An idea that when offered, I was convinced Dog Lovers would love it. Over time, we have learned that they do. People just like you. In fact, it’s been a supernova of quality feedback. In early 2024 we started my second venture into the Dog Food industry. It’s been extremely popular. This idea is all about you. All about Super High Quality Dog Food priced around average alternatives and mouth watering treats and accessory discounts. These discounts when compared to your current supplier, glisten with savings. In real time, real life facts.

So here we are, YOUR High Quality Healthy Premium Dog Food Supplier, which comes to you, like a Chocolate Fountain of Mouth Watering Discounts and Benefits. All yours. All available for you. Yours. Our idea is in full flow, delivered to you for FREE. Always. Our idea. Our Dream. Your benefits.

This is our puppy Lucy in 2020.

Since 2020, as you know, the cost of living has gone in one direction, like a Billionaire play boys vanity journey into space. Upwards and quickly. No matter how well you are doing, EVERYTHING, has gone like a boy band, in One Direction. What it has shown is that the need for help, common sense and bigger discounts, has become more and more popular and important.

Welcome to, The Delicious Dog Food Company. Where it is all about you and your beautiful Furry Friend(s).

The other driving force for this Business idea came from something that will light up your face when explained. Something that EVERYONE can relate to once explained…Let me try…

Whenever we go on holiday, have a day trip or just go to a coffee shop, we might start chatting to someone, or people around us, because of a queue or a delay or some mutual situation. You know what I’m saying. What we have noticed, is we seem to get on with certain people, MORE, than others.

A few years ago, we had such a situation and I decided to ask a simple question. Something I had a hunch about? Something that a nagging thought in the back of my head kept telling me was the “Why”, the reason why we got on with them. Why certain people’s personalities made us feel more comfortable than others did.

I asked a simple question, thrown into our conversations, which was… “Do you have a Dog?”

Now, it is amazing that only two things happen here…

  1.  99% of people look sheepish, because they think I’m referring to a smell they may be giving off from their Dog or they check their clothes for Dog Hairs. 😊. I’m not, we all smell of Dog, one way or another 😊. Well 99% I’m not. Or…
  2. 99.9% of the time they say “Yes”. Yes, we do have a Dog, how did you know?

The answer is always simple. It’s because you come across as a nice person. It’s because we feel comfortable around you. It’s because once again, the good of your Dog is clearly rubbing off, onto you.

Which is why this Business for us, is delightful, rewarding and so enjoyable. Because people who own a Dog, just seem to be better human beings to us. We don’t think we are wrong. Which is our opinion, but Dogs seem to make people, better people. We are blessed and lucky to have Dogs in our lives. You know we are. I am sure you have similar opinions and stories?

This is Lucy in 2024.

So, we created a unique and incredible Dog Food, Treats and Accessories Supply Business, that offers your incredible blessing from the Universe, your furry best friend…High Quality Healthy Premium Dog Food that is not only “Complete” but it is also coming with the best ingredients.

It’s all about the ingredients. Always, always about the ingredients.

High Quality Healthy Premium Dog Food that is made in the UK, easy to store, easy to purchase. With no worries about poor quality, low grade ingredients, no worries about lack of nutrients, no worries about high bone content, no worries about keeping it frozen, no worries about infections from bacteria that cause serious diarrhea, hospitalizations or illness in both dogs and people that veterinarians in 2024 are starting to air their concerns about.

Just simple, honest, High Quality ingredients with mouth watering discounts on Treats and Accessories. An all in one, all round High Quality, Supplier. No silly vouchers, no DFS style offers, just all year round, low prices without compromising quality.

Your very own, Aladdin’s Cave of health and money saving, without dropping the quality one single bit, but improving it. This was our idea. This is our Business that you benefit from. A lot of people, benefit from.

Some years ago (25 to be precise) I had to put one of my most loyal and obedient Furry Friends to sleep. Toby was his name.

He was my best friend; he was a big soppy Staffordshire Bull Terrier. It nearly killed me. As I type this there is a small welling up in my eyes. I am sure you have been there as well. Dogs do that to you, don’t they?

I remember the Vet at the time explaining to me what may have happened because he was to me, only nine years old. She explained the probable cause. She said that “Ingredients”, not numbers on a bag, not photoshopped images of a Dog on the bag were important, just ingredients and exercise. Toby was well exercised. I now know his food wasn’t good enough. It was a hard lesson that has left a dirty taste ever since. But something that has stayed with me ever since.

This has been repeated to me before, by other Vets. They can’t all be wrong and they know far more than I ever will. It’s all about the ingredients and nothing to do with pictures or what my mate says, this will be your mate that is as qualified as most people. Not very.

What I have noticed, is that the better I have kept my Dogs over the years, the higher the quality food, the more exercised and the more toys to relieve boredom, has resulted in my Dogs living, what appears longer. Maybe I’m wrong, but that is how it appears. I’m guessing it works for humans as well?

As I type this, 09.06.2024, I am reading an article saying Doctors are warning people of the dangers of “Energy Drinks”. It got me thinking about my point above. Warnings about Energy Drinks is good information, its coming from proper experts, but we all know it’s true. We don’t really need experts to tell us what is obvious. What our common sense tells us anyway. Everyone knows, without exception. I just think, like I am sure you do, Dogs, our Dogs, deserve better. They deserve the best and they deserve to be with us. It’s where they want to be, with us. Us, the ones they look at and see as Hero's. They want to stay with their Hero's as long as possible. There isn’t really a Pet NHS. Just loving, intelligent owners like you. Doing the right thing, for all the right reasons.

Here is a picture of my beloved Roxie. RIP

She was the same breed as Toby. She passed away at the age of 14. Five years and eight months older than Toby.

Here is a picture of an older Roxie being loved, and I truly mean loved, by my current best friend Deano. Deano is 8 and acts like he is still 2. He cared for her. (He loved her).

So, hopefully I haven’t bored you too much, but you now know and can see a little more about our Business and “The Team” that works behind the scenes to keep your Furry Friends needs met whilst making it more affordable for you.

We just ask that you check out our website. See our prices and then price compare as much as you can. Remembering we haven’t put a low price on and then a heightened delivery charge. What you see is what you pay. No catch. You may even work out how we have been able to achieve such High Quality Healthy Premium Dog Food at such a low competitive price. If you do, remember. It’s all about the ingredients. It’s all about you. It’s about the best healthy Dog Food for your Loving Friend(s).

Please watch our video below about our Dog Food where I attempt to explain the importance of quality ingredients, and hopefully we have done enough for you to want to give us a chance and increase your Dog Food Quality and defiantly reduce the cost of your Treats and Accessories.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to helping you anyway we can.

We look forward to helping you and your incredible furry friend.

Richard, Emma, Deano and Lucy

The Delicious Dog Food Company.


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